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America's Crowdfunding Capital

RelayFund, Inc. is the leading online community focused on second-generation crowdfunding – funding focused on raising debt and equity for every day ideas, businesses and entrepreneurs.

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Founded in Dec. 2011, RelayFund is leading the transition from crowdfunding as a tool for giving or trading to crowdfunding capital. We’re led by a veteran team of capital markets experts who have collectively raised billions of dollars of capital, entrepreneurs who have deep experience starting and growing businesses, and educational and tech talent focused on building the most helpful, most secure and most effective Internet community for crowdfunding capital.

To follow our progress, join the RelayFund community. And if you’re an entrepreneur, start building your business plan.

An investor? Get ready to join the world of private equity investing.

Welcome to America’s Crowdfunding Capital, where our mission is to connect owners to capital and to create shareholder value for all.

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It’s a powerful concept

“Crowdfunding” is not a term many know but it refers to people pooling small amounts of money online to collectively fund a charitable or creative effort. In the past, crowdfunding has been used to make movies, launch rock tours – […]

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