RelayFund, Inc. is the leading online community focused on second-generation crowdfunding – funding focused on raising debt and equity for every day ideas, businesses and entrepreneurs.

Private equity and venture capital has been previously accessible only to Wall Street and the well-to-do and restricted to all others due to state and U.S. Securities Regulations. The same restrictions applied to crowdfunding to raise equity or debt. However, these rules were redefined in the first quarter of 2012 as part of the JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) Act, allowing crowdfunding investments and a platform for private equity for the masses.  The bipartisan legislation was signed into law and is expected to be fully implemented by year-end 2012.  At that time, RelayFund will go live with the leading online community focused on connecting entrepreneurs and ideas with capital.

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RelayFund (rēlāfünd)

a. to secure financial resources in the form of debt or equity from a team of investors for the purpose of growing an idea, product or business
b. to provide capital at varying intervals to an entrepreneur or enterprise; to furnish money to or invest by relay
c. to communicate information, news or data to someone for the purpose of making an educated investment

a.    a reserve of money raised by a team of people and designated for a specific business purpose
b.    a place to provide or obtain information, funds, capital or credit
c.    the leading online community where investors connect with entrepreneurs seeking capital