There are lots of crowdfunding sites out there. RelayFund stands apart by combining crowdfunding with social networking to dramatically enhance the user experience in charitable, creative and for-profit endeavors.

Our social networking design enables users to act as resources for each other, stay connected to groups/users of similar interests and activities, and exploit networks of resources not available anywhere else:

Funders can form groups with common interests for due diligence assistance, entrepreneur tracking and any manner of related conversation. The site is designed to suggest new deals, groups, friends, and forums based on user activity

Fundraisers can access each other for advice, questions, issue discussion and experiences through groups, forums, and “wall postings”. They will also enjoy suggestions regarding deals, groups, users, etc. that may be of interest to them

Both funders and fundraisers will have a home page that functions much like a Facebook page. Users can post deal updates or performance, financing questions, cheers, jeers, or news

Both funders and fundraisers will enjoy a robust and easy-to-use toolset to assist in a variety of financing-related activities that are critical when offering for-profit solicitations, including:

  • Due diligence and analysis tutorials
  • Fraud detection tips
  • Business plan and offering tutorials and tools
  • An “Ask the Expert” forum
  • An affiliate network of professional services
  • And more…

Our team is building the most helpful, most secure and most effective Internet community for crowdfunding capital.  With the goal of meeting or exceeding the regulatory standards currently being set by the JOBS Act committee and the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), RelayFund is expected to launch with full functionality when the rulemaking is complete later in early 2013.

In the meantime, stay up to date on our progress by joining the RelayFund community or follow us on Twitter (@RelayFund) or Facebook.